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Sitting down to eat?

I’m wondering what others do at meal times for their toddlers. My 2 year old can’t seem to sit still and eat. This doesn’t surprise me at all – she’s two! But, should I continue to put her in a highchair or booster to keep her with us for “family meals”? I worry for 2 reasons: 1. the importance of family meals 2. will
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Letting kids write in books?

I’m a bibliophile to be sure. It makes my heart ache to see my daughter take her markers to her books but at the same time – they are her books. She’s having fun. I have keepsake books put away. Do you teach your kids not to write in books? Am I being a pushover or what?

How Do I Explain Gentle Parenting?

When parenting comes up on it’s own with other parents I have no problem discussing it, but I get all flustered and lost when I have to explain why I’m not spanking my daughter or putting her in a time out when she has an altercation with another child.She is not especially confrontational or violent or anything, but occasionally toy snatching and frusterations will
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