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How Do I Get My Child To Do Something NOW?

    Dear Always Late, I get asked this question a lot!  When you live a life of compromise and mutual consent suddenly needing your child to get in the car LIKE NOW can cause a huge breakdown.  Here’s what I would do: First, have you planned enough time to get ready and be on time? I think sometimes we feel that kids should
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Practical Tips for Gentle Discipline

I thought we’d start the week off with several authors who have written posts with great real life examples of gentle parenting.  First up is Mrs. Green at Little Green Blog who tells us to Watch Your Language; There are children around!  Last year, Mrs. Green reminded us to use the word YES! more often.  This year she reminds us of a word we should use less: NO! “Language
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How do you get your toddler to listen?

I am really struggling with my elder daughter in terms of disobedience at the moment. I do know that she is struggling because she doesn’t get as much attention as she used to, since her sister (who is very high need) arrived 7 months ago. I try to give her special time on her own with me as much as possible, and try to
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