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Cortisol, T-Rex, and Your Baby

This article was originally published on BabyDustDiaries.com The debate centered around “spoiling” a baby vs. cry-it-out (CIO) extinguishing methods normally focuses on parental life style.  Even when framed in an argument that children need to learn to “self-soothe” the primary argument still seems to be that sleeping through the night is the primary goal for the sanity of the parents and the maturity of
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Do you have a bedtime? Routine? Freestyle? Am I being a stickler?

My 20 month old twins have been having some sleep issues that I believe started with teething and snowballed from there. We have put them on a strict bedtime routine/schedule for the past week, bath at 5:30, milk at 6, bed when asleep (mostly around 6:15). They always get up with the sun, no matter what time they go to sleep, and now it’s
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