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4 Ways Parents Teach Kids that Consent Doesn’t Matter

Teaching kids about consent is sexual relationships is so important.  But I wonder if we might not be undermining the idea of consent inadvertently when we show a lack of respect for kids’ bodies, feelings, and instincts.  How can we teach them from day one that they are entitled to consent in all of their relationships, including with their parents. Welcome to my first
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Gentle Discipline: Love, Respect, and Cooperation

First up is Dionna of Code Name Mama‘s follow-up from yesterday’s post about cooperation.  In Working Toward Cooperation she give examples of ways to model cooperation from [amazon_link id="1892005220" target="_blank" container="" container_class="" ]Respectful Parents Respectful Kids’s[/amazon_link]  7 Keys to Cooperation and give several examples.  This one rang so true for me, “I am finishing a blog post, and Kieran asks me to play with him. I tell
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How do you respect your child's wishes? [feature]

Arwyn over at Raising My Boychick has (as usual) a wonderful and thought provoking post about how we de-humanize children.Dancing between the tables: on the personhood of childrenShe points out that; When the parent-blaming child-shaming folk say “I treat kids like people by expecting them to act like it” what they’re really saying is “I expect kids to act like adults”, which boils down
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