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Moving Beyond Punishment (or, does "gentle" mean "permissive"?)

Welcome to Carnival Day #3!  Did you check out day 1 and day 2′s wonderful posts?  Now that you have a great basis for the principles of gentle parenting let’s look at one of the trickier parts of implementation.  Punishment.  Consequences.  Regardless of how mainstream parents talk about it this is the “big scary” thing that many parents worry will make their parenting permissive. 
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Punishment in Perspective

Parenting gently does not come naturally to me.  Yes, I started the site and the carnival but that is passion not ease.  Although I don’t consider my parents abusive they did parent punitively and I was spanked.  I struggle often with yelling, controlling, and even wanting to spank.  That is why the invigoration of the carnival is so welcome to me.  I want to
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