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Keeping Gentle Focus

If all my Facebook Friends and their networks are any indication, the world at large does not subscribe to the Gentle Discipline philosophy.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cringed when I’ve seen a friend calling out for help with an “issue” they are having with their child only to get pretty “hard core” disciplinarian answers back from a long list of
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Paradigm Shifts in Gentle Parenting

Welcome to day 2 of the carnival!  Take a moment to check out yesterday’s wonderful posts.  Today we are continuing to look at some of the basic principles of gentle discipline.  Specifically these posts focused on compassion, cooperation, and empathy three words that are so important in gentle parenting. First up we have Dr. Laura Markham @AhaParenting.com talking about

Gentle Discipline 101

Gentle Discipline 101 Michelle at The Parent Vortex talks about Gentle Discipline in this way, [G]entle discipline focuses on helping children work through difficult emotions and frustration in a supportive and empathetic environment and using discipline as a method of teaching children instead of simply punishing them for misbehaviour and rewarding them for good behaviour. Gentle discipline does not primarily aim to control children through external
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