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Alternatives to Punishment and Sternness

Dear Anonymous, This is a common question because as our society plays it “discipline” or “punishment” require you to show your disapproval – not smiling, hugging, eye contact, etc.  Quite literally, Supernanny’s method of “time out” requires you to remain cold and distant until the child apologizes and is brought back in line. Gentle discipline though separates the unwanted action from the unconditionally loved
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3 Ways To Nurture Empathy In Your Kids

This article was originally published in 2010 on BabyDustDiaries.com What are your parenting resolutions for 2010?  On the cusp of having a one-year-old, it seemed like a great time for thinking about what I want to theme my parenting on in the next year.  My theme for 2009 was definitely Attachment.  I wanted Aellyn to learn that the world was a safe place, mommy (or
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