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Keeping Gentle Focus

If all my Facebook Friends and their networks are any indication, the world at large does not subscribe to the Gentle Discipline philosophy.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cringed when I’ve seen a friend calling out for help with an “issue” they are having with their child only to get pretty “hard core” disciplinarian answers back from a long list of
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Dealing with the tough stuff

Welcome to carnival day 4!  We hope you have read something that spoke to you and you are ready to try some new gentle techniques in your home.  Today’s authors look at some specific situations that many parents face and give us a gentle approach to resolution. In “Parenting Gently through the Preschool Phase“, Attached Moms discuss the transition from an attached parent of a
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Moving Beyond Punishment (or, does "gentle" mean "permissive"?)

Welcome to Carnival Day #3!  Did you check out day 1 and day 2′s wonderful posts?  Now that you have a great basis for the principles of gentle parenting let’s look at one of the trickier parts of implementation.  Punishment.  Consequences.  Regardless of how mainstream parents talk about it this is the “big scary” thing that many parents worry will make their parenting permissive. 
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