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How to give medicine gently?

How do you give medicines gently to a 2 year old! I don’t want to just hold her down and force it on her but it is important that she take it.

Screaming in the Car Seat

My 10 month old screams the whole time he’s in his carseat. He just hates it and it make me so sad! I try singing/talking to him but he can’t hear me over the screams.

Throwing Food

Help! My daughter is 27 months and she throws her food off her tray at the table. She’s been doing this since she was 12ish months and I thought she’d grow out of it. I started with an “uh oh! Now we have to pick up the food!” and she’d help. Now we’ve moved to showing our displeasure with a “We don’t throw food”
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