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School age children continue to learn about relationships with people and conflict resolution – a great opportunity for us to continue to model good relationship skills. The deeper formation of gender roles and sexuality are also explored in this phase and kids need an open and caring environment to provide them the freedom to be themselves.

Alternatives to Punishment and Sternness

Dear Anonymous, This is a common question because as our society plays it “discipline” or “punishment” require you to show your disapproval – not smiling, hugging, eye contact, etc.  Quite literally, Supernanny’s method of “time out” requires you to remain cold and distant until the child apologizes and is brought back in line. Gentle discipline though separates the unwanted action from the unconditionally loved
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What’s Wrong with Time Outs?

Dear In and Out, Congratulations on making the decision to stop spanking! I think you’ll be so happy you did!  Know that no one jumps from spanking to zen in one day (or one year).  There are stages so don’t discouraged if you aren’t where you expected to be. Time Outs suffer from an image issue.  I honestly like the term “time out” since
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How Do I Get My Child To Do Something NOW?

    Dear Always Late, I get asked this question a lot!  When you live a life of compromise and mutual consent suddenly needing your child to get in the car LIKE NOW can cause a huge breakdown.  Here’s what I would do: First, have you planned enough time to get ready and be on time? I think sometimes we feel that kids should
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