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Being gentle comes naturally to most of us with babies. They are small and helpless and it is easy to see them as beings in need of the gentlest care. However, there are some really important gentle parenting steps that start with babies. From body positivity to acceptance, babies are learning from the moment their born.

Expectation and Intentions

This post originally appeared in the 2010 Carnival of Gentle Parenting Two ways that parents can fall into a negative pattern with their kids is through false expectations and intentions.  Having unrealistic expectations, for example expecting your toddler to sit quietly during dinner for an hour, sets parents up for frustration – thereby undermining gentle intentions.  Imagining malicious intention can be even worse.  Imagine
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Healthy Child Summit – A FREE Online Conference for Parents

In February I’ll be speaking at the Healthy Child Summit about Parenting Beyond Stereotypes – but you can get a sneak peek of 22 of the presentations starting November 18th! Would you like to learn how to prepare your body for the healthiest pregnancy possible? Are you interested in preparing for a natural birth, one with no or limited interventions? Would you like the
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4 Ways Parents Teach Kids that Consent Doesn’t Matter

Teaching kids about consent is sexual relationships is so important.  But I wonder if we might not be undermining the idea of consent inadvertently when we show a lack of respect for kids’ bodies, feelings, and instincts.  How can we teach them from day one that they are entitled to consent in all of their relationships, including with their parents. Welcome to my first
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