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Parenting Classes and Coaching – How Parenting Gently Can Help

parenting classes and coachingParenting Classes and Coaching

Parenting Gently is about more than just being gentle. We offer online parenting classes, workshops, and individual and group coaching to help you achieve results with gentle parenting. Our innovative approach to parenting shows up in 5 main ways:

  1. Parent from the Inside Out: Instead of focusing on children’s behavior, you’ll examine what’s behind your default behavior and discover your inner authentic parent.
  2. Use Conflict as Opportunities for Connection: Instead of using disciplining tools, you’ll learn to use relational tools to help you to find win-win solutions.
  3. Share Power With, Not Over: Instead of getting your kids to behave through exerting power over them, you’ll share power with them so your kids feel heard and empowered to develop their own solutions.
  4. Take the Long View of Parenting: Instead of just focusing on controlling children’s behavior in the now, you’ll focus on modeling feminist ideals of equality, self-love, and social justice for our kids to learn.
  5. Discover Your Own Way: Parenting isn’t one-size-fits all. It’s a relationship between two unique, different people whose needs and feelings deserve to be acknowledged in the parenting approach.

The fact is parenting is an amazing opportunity for personal growth. By focusing on your internal needs as a parent you will grow as a person – into your true, authentic self.

Through your own transformation:

  • Your relationships with your kids, partner, and even peers will start to change too.
  • You will develop a confidence that only comes from knowing your inner voice’s truth and blocking out negative messages of self-doubt.
  • You’ll learn to enjoy parenting and stop the stressful power struggles that make parenting difficult and tiring.
  • Your kids will flourish with the new confidence you’ll be placing on their abilities to live peacefully in a family.
  • Your kids will become empowered when you focus on sharing “power with” rather than having “power over” them.
  • You’ll enjoy your kids more!

To develop your authentic parenting voice, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the core values your want to model for and pass on to your children
  • Understand your default parenting approach and how to use it to your advantage
  • Know what “misbehavior” is and what is really behind how we all act
  • Ways to communicate with your kids effectively, especially when they’re upset
  • Get back on track when you’re derailed from your parenting path
  • Hit the pause button when you feel yourself being triggered

It’s about bringing forth the authentic parenting voice within you – the one that’s already there but bogged down under a barrage of how-to’s and thou-shalt’s thrust on parents from every direction.

If this transformation sounds like something you’d like to experience then Parenting Gently can help! We have 3 main services/products to help:

Online Parenting Classes and Workshops

You can see our courses with currently open enrollment here.

Here are our classes and workshop planned in the next few months!

Personalized Coaching with Paige

Set up an appointment for a one-on-one chat with Paige. Her experience in working with parents can help you focus your goals for parenting and make the achievable!

Coaching is possible by email, phone, skype, facetime, or google hangouts. To enquire about coaching please use the contact form here.

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