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Are You the Parent You Hoped You’d Be?


I started Parenting Gently in 2010 for the 2nd Annual Carnival of Gentle Discipline (the first year was hosted on my blog Baby Dust Diaries).  I wanted a place where gentle parents and “gentle-curious” parents could discuss common issues and possible solutions – all without punitive measures and with respect and love.

There are other sites that teach positive parenting but what makes Parenting Gently unique is the focus on the transformation of the parent.  Many books and websites about parenting, even peaceful, respect-based parenting, focus on how to change your kids through different parenting techniques.

We do that too – there are certainly tons of tips and tools to deal with difficult situations.  But, what makes Parenting Gently different is that our primary focus is on helping parents shift their perspective on kids, parents, and the relationship between the two.

What we need is not a new discipline method.  What we need is to rewrite our assumptions about children and parents.  Letting go of the need for dominance and control and treating them as equally deserving of respect as adults.

We don’t own our kids – we share our lives with them.  They share their lives with us.  Everyone in that equation is entitled to a say in how those lives work.

When parents can evolve their ideas to this new consensual, democratic, non-domination model the effect is staggering.  Kids “behave” better, parents keep their cool, everyone has more fun and the home becomes a peaceful place.

Better yet, this new paradigm is the key to social change.  Raising a generation of children who have never been dominated through the false power structure of Parent/child primes them for operating in a world without the same power plays of oppression/oppressor.  Being treated with respect creates human that expect everyone to deserve respect.

Today Parenting Gently has evolved to offer three things:

In-person classes and speaking engagements are also available in Northeast Ohio.

I’m so happy you are here and I hope we can help you on your journey to gentle parenting.

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